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If you are reading this, I’m gay.


Very gay.

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please watch this before its taken down

I feel like the scariest thing about this is that so much of what we know about the situation has only been made possible by social media. It makes you appreciate how easy it was in the past for them to successfully sweep things like this under the rug because people didn’t have an outlet to show the situation from their side.

Be aware of what’s happening in the world right now.

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what in the world lol

Bruh tries so hard
So so hard

omg… nicki is me wtf the same way n everything same lil smile..

the way she made sure she can buy anything

lol this was cute though.

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my only regret is the time i wasted on heterosexuality

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We’re driving to your parents house for dinner and you’re looking beautifully delicious tonight wearing that red v neck and black pencil skirt your hair curled and lipstick on,i just cant keep my eyes off you. I cant help but reach over and place my hand on ur thigh. My hand starts sliding up ur leg and you look over at me laughing saying ‘babe come on stop not before my parents dinner’ i smile at you deviously and lean over and lick up ur neck and bite on ur ear. I hear u moan softly ‘baaabe’ an u grip the steering wheel tighter and before u realize my hand is all the way up ur skirt my finger rubbing up and down ur panties. I see you open ur legs a lil bit more and i smile knowing you didnt really want me to stop in the first place. I move ur panties to the side and push one finger up inside you hearing you gasp im breathing heavy in ur ear still kissin ur neck. And unfortunately i see we’re pulling up in front of ur parents house so i pull my hand out from under ur skirt and i smile at you and you punch me in the arm because i know i got u frustrated. We go inside an have a nice dinner with ur parents and i keep brushing my hand on ur thigh and rubbing my foot on ur leg under the table teasing you more. When ur mom is in the kitchen cleaning up your dad leaves to go get us ice cream and i see you walk to the bathroom,i follow you without you knowing. I go in the bathroom with u and lock the door behind me and you try to push me out and youre telling me we’re gonna get caught by your mom. I grab you by your arm and turn u around pulling you close to me me standing in front of the mirror and i put my hand over your mouth so you stop talking and i slide my other hand up your skirt,i see your eyes go wide and you groan a little when my fingers slip up inside of you. I tighten my hand over ur mouth and whisper ‘shhhh you’re gonna get us caught’ i finger you a lil faster my thumb rubbing ur clit. I can feel your chest heaving because im making you breath hard thru ur nose. You’re soaking wet,i can feel it trickling down my hand,ur legs are starting to shake so u know ur close to cumming. Whisper in your ear ‘grab the sink baby i dont want you to fall’ i start sucking on the back of ur neck while i watch the faces you make as you cum,your back arching and going stiff i feel you bite down on my hand. I pull my hand out from under your skirt,suck all your juices off my fingers and i turn u around and kiss you. I tell you to get cleaned up and i go back out in the living room just as your dad comes back with our ice cream. (:

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Im going back to school shopping for clothes at Urban Outfitters. I have an arm full of clothes that i wanna try on so i go up to the desk and ask for a fitting room and the cutest girl walks up and tells me she will show me to my room. As she walks me to the dressing room im watching her hips move and her long curly hair sway back and forth. She opens the door and smiles at me,when i close the door my friend calls me and i start to tell him how damn cute this girl is and how i would love to watch her strip for me when i hear some rustling by the door and then i hear a knock. I put on my shirt,tell my friend ill call him back an I open the door and there she is standing there and before i can ask her what she needs she pushes me back into the room and closes the door and takes off her shirt and says ‘i heard what you told your friend so sit down and ill show you’ she pushes me down on the bench and starts rubbing her hands up and down her body grabbing and squeezing at her boobs. She slides her hands down to her waist and turns around and slowly pushes down her skirt just enough so i see the top of her ass and she bends over slowly and pulls her skirt down to her knees,my jaw droppin open and my breathing getting heavier. She walks over to me and pulls her panties off right in front of my face then straddles me and smiles,grabs my hand and puts it between her legs. She grabs the back of my head and pushes my face between her titties and she groans ‘fuck me’ as she sits down further on my fingers. Im sucking on her neck and leaving bite marks all along her shoulders and collar bone while shes bouncing up and down in my lap fucking herself on my fingers. Shes not making a noise just breathing really heavy and digging her nails in my skin everywhere. I can feel her body start to shudder and shake and my hand is dripping wet as she cums. She just kinda sits there letting it all register and for her body to calm down. Then she grabs my hand and sucks her cum off my fingers and gets dressed and kisses me on the cheek and walks out. I just sit there completely stunned about her just using my body for her pleasure yet i felt so damn satisfied. When i called my friend back to tell him what happened he didnt believe me so i showed him her panties that she left in the dressing room and i stuck my fingers in his face.

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